Virtual Tabletop (VTT) applications provide an online alternative to a traditional table or gaming surface. They allow users to connect and look at maps and tokens at the same time from across the world, and provide tools to help do things like roll dice or chat in character.

The SyncRPG web services are designed to be flexible and expandable to support other Virtual Tabletops, but initial support was focused on our own homegrown fork of MapTool, where we had the greatest level of flexibility and control. We have designed these tools to compliment each other in meaningful ways that result in less time setting up and fiddling with details, and more time rolling dice and telling stories with friends.

The SyncRPG VTT Powered by MapTool has a small set of code changes that specifically help tie in VTT with the web services we provide through


This is the whole shebang, and contains all of the code as well as all of the art assets. If you are unsure what to do, or if you have somehow messed up your copy of the tool, download this and extract it into its own folder. (21.7 MB)

PFRPG Base Campaign

This is a simple VTT Campaign File that contains a simple map with the Lib:SyncRPG token, and a set of basic macros to get a new user off the ground. It's the easiest way to dive in and start playing around in the VTT! (2.0 MB) (2.0 MB) (2.0 MB)