posted by Joe on 5/24/16 in Tech Tuesday

We’re happy to announce a new version of the SyncRPG VTT available for download, version! The previous versions of the VTT were based on MapTool 1.3, but recently the developers have released version 1.4 and moved the source to GitHub. If you’re curious about what new features have gone into the recent MapTool releases, you can read about them on their blog under “Announcements.”

The SyncRPG VTT is now an official fork of their project, which will make it a breeze to pick up all the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes that go into MapTool. Expect regular updates! I’m also planning to work with the core MapTool devs to implement new features common to our projects, and help address any issues our users find. Please report all bugs and problems on our new GitHub issues page!

If you’re loading a campaign file or map created in the older version of the SyncRPG VTT, you may get a popup regarding the version number. Everything is compatible, so dismiss the window and re-save your file.

Additionally, we’ve released a new version of the Pathfinder Autosheet. The sheet you know and love has been maintained and updated by Reddit user darthmarth28, and we’ve taken the updated sheet and make it compatible with SyncRPG. Many new classes have been added to the sheet, including prestige classes and a bunch of amazing classes from Dreamscarred PressPath of War and Ultimate Psionics.

I’ll be using both going forward in the Riverford Freelancers and upcoming Rescue of Doniert Ironvale sessions! As always, if you’d like to play with us, or would like help getting your own games up and running, swing by our Google+ Community or the SyncRPG forums!

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