Before we say anything about SyncRPG, we would like to thank the many people who created the building blocks on which our software runs. Please take a minute to visit our acknowledgements page.

What is SyncRPG?

Simply put, SyncRPG makes it easy to play your favorite tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs) with your friends over the internet and helps you keep records of the experience.

SyncRPG is a set of online tools, rule sets, and art assets aimed at facilitating the creation, sharing, and playing of traditional tabletop roleplaying games over the Internet. It is used to help run games efficiently, allows Game Masters (GMs) to share their encounters and non-player characters (NPCs) with each other, and enables players to keep historical records of their characters online—forever!

SyncRPG consists of a virtual tabletop (VTT) application combined with an online repository of art, maps, and NPC (both monster and class-leveled) statistics that are completely free for everyone to use, easily and instantly. Think of it as coming to our house to play a game: we have maps and a box of miniatures that everyone may use to start a game, and rules sheets for different monsters and characters—indexed and ready to go!

GMs can create their own NPCs here, and they can combine them together with ready-to-use maps and some descriptive text to create encounters. They may also create their own large dungeons using map tiles, and fill them with monsters and traps. All of these original creations and their associated art are collectively referred to as “assets.” SyncRPG is a web tool dedicated to creating, archiving, and sharing these assets with other people. Because of the way we license art, anytime someone creates a map using our art or an NPC that uses our token art on, these creations can be easily shared on our site for others to use in games without worrying about copyrights. SyncRPG isn’t about building your library of art and gaming material—it’s about growing everyone’s!

When an artist shares art on our website, that art is shared freely and can be used in the original creations of all other users. Anytime a GM stats up a gnome rogue NPC to use in a campaign, it’s available for any GM to remix and use instantly. If someone develops a clever VTT macro or framework, they can easily share it with others without requiring people to download packages or run installers. GMs and players simply drag and drop any assets they want from our website right into the Virtual Tabletop application and it works!

With SyncRPG, we hope to provide value to our users by fostering a community built around the idea of shared assets, free-to-use artwork, and a set of tools that greatly reduces the amount of time Game Masters spend setting up their sessions.

If you're an artist interested in contributing art to to the collection, let us know! If you like our mission and our suite of tools and would like to see the art collection expanded, consider becoming a SyncRPG Supporter. Half of your monthly donation will go directly into the commissioning of new art for the community to use. Your ongoing monthly support will allow SyncRPG to work with artists to expand the breadth of tokens and maps available to everyone. You may also want to consider supporting the artists featured on SyncRPG directly, through their individual stores, direct commissions, or Patreon campaigns.