The Riverford Freelancers

Character and Game Timeline

Brave Adventurers,

The citizens of Riverford need your help!

The Riverford Freelancers Guild have a number of open jobs right now, and are looking for eager young mercenary adventurers  to complete them!

Protection. Escort. Courier. Gathering. Retrieval. Jobs of all kinds!

Adventure and fortune awaits! Visit our guild hall today!

Another one of SyncRPG's "social RPG experiments," The Riverford Freelancers is a small contracting company that takes various odd jobs from clients in Riverford, and farms them out to worthy adventurers. It's a great way for a new adventurer to cut their teeth and make a name for themselves in the city.

As discussed on the blog, the sessions are designed to be self-contained, one-shot adventures, where a group of PCs attempts to complete a handful of quests in the heartland of Kithera, the Three Rivers Valley.

Regular sessions are every Tuesday, from 5:00-8:00 PM PDT (GMT -8), but additional sessions may be scheduled for other days based on player interest. The games are open to the public, but individual sessions are invite only. If you're interested in playing in a session, head over to our forums and RSVP for a session in it's thread and I'll shoot you an invite to the game. If the regularly scheduled timeslot doesn't convenient for you and your friends, speak up and we'll do our best to schedule a session at a time that works for you!

Player Requirements

  • Newbies, both to SyncRPG and the Pathfinder RPG, are encouraged to join!
  • Players must be proficient with Google Hangouts, and have a working microphone (no open-air webcam mics!)
  • Sessions will be streamed live on Twitch, and archived on the SyncRPG YouTube channel.
  • By signing up and playing in the session, users agree to be recorded.

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Character Creation Guidelines

  • 15 point buy.
  • 4th level.
  • 6,000gp in gear, no single item of which may be more than half.
  • Characters may choose two traits, using the standard rules.
  • All Paizo-published material allowed.
  • 3PP material needs to be cleared with Joe.

Creative types interested in participating in the development of quests should definitely check out the blog post, as well as the other quests that take place in Riverford.

GMs interested in running their own sessions of the Riverford Freelancers, the campaign files are readyRunning sessions yourself is as easy as opening a campaign file, starting a server, and using quests, macros, maps, and NPCs from SyncRPG to generate encounters on the fly.

Other Info / Notes

  • XP and unclaimed loot will be calculated after the session. I’ll update everyone in the Google Community later.
  • At the end of a session, surviving party members are assumed to make it back to Riverford safely.
  • Muting PolicyIf someone’s mic is picking up background noise or otherwise causing a disturbance, I may mute that person in the Hangout. Please do not take this as me being rude, I’m just trying to be considerate for the other players and anyone watching the stream or recording.