Credits and Legal
Part 1: The Four Clans
Journey to the Ironvale Homestead
Files & Recurring NPCs
A: The Ironvale Homestead
Nearby Settlements
Ereena Ironvale
Part 2: The Search for Doniert
Tracking the Orcs
B. The Iron Frontier Lumber Camp
Bone Eater's Attack (CR 7)
Rule: Rally Points
C. Shearwater Falls
Three Clans, Three Allegiances
D. The Wintry Pass
Wrapping Up
The Town of Riverford
Part 3: The Iron Frontier
Sandbox Adventure
Prophetic Dreams
F. Aspar's Redoubt
Triumphant Return
E. Hex Map Encounters
G. The Eye of Monad
Ivuk Scrogg
H. Ypsirin Tychara
Speaks in Stardust
Part 4: Agents of Destiny
I. Whisperhome
The Song of Silence
Journey to Gilfensfall
Visions of the Future
J. The Veins of Kithera
Marinal Erwigg
K. The Lost City of Linrilal
Concluding the Adventure