Erytra: The GMless Megadungeon

Within the depths of the Orange Mountains lies an immense, unmapped labyrinth known as Erytra (e-REET-ra), "Orange Rock" in the tongue of giants. Constructed by stone giants and their slaves several thousand years ago, Erytra was an active mine for centuries before being abandoned as the great giant cultures of Kithera succumbed to feuding and infighting. Though some giants remain, today all manner of creatures and monsters can be found within the megadungeon.

Erytra is designed to be run as a "GMless" game All the map tiles, enemies, and hazards are generated dynamically through this page, and can be dragged right into the VTT, allowing everyone involved to play a PC and work as a party to see how deep into the dungeon they can get. Now anyone can run a game with their friends online with absolutely no preparation!

Enter the party's level and a keyword or two to define a "theme" for the enemies you'd like to face. Whenever a PC moves to the edge of a map tile mash the button to see what's in the next room! Add any new monsters to initiative after the current PC and keep rolling!

You can see all of the random events and environment changes here, or add your own for others to find in their own games!

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