Escape From Fort Nurovd

Shigain Hobgoblins, by Susan Knowles.

They came in the night. The Shigaians raided your village, killed the heroes that protected it. You may have surrendered, or perhaps you stood against them, but it matters not: You were captured with the rest as slaves.

Shackled in the bowels of a ship for weeks, your mind goes back to the bedtime stories of your youth. Every race in every realm has their own stories of the hobgoblins who serve the devil-god Chax, the ones who raid coastal towns and leave them empty, entire populations slaughtered or enslaved. Dominate workcamps throughout Shigai, Gnomeria and Stormseye are filled with slaves from all corners of the World.

As the ship neared its destination, the guards knocked all the prisoners unconscious. You awake in a cell, alone, stripped of everything except for filthy, tattered cloth garments. A flea-ridden pile of hay sits in one corner of the small room, a pile of waste directly across from it.

Escape From Fort Nurovd is a "social dungeon experiment" started by SyncRPG. It’s a short prison escape adventure designed to be played to completion in 2-3 hours as a no-commitment way to get into a game, try out SyncRPG, and murder some hobgoblins. SyncRPG can be used to change the NPCs and monsters with creations from other users, and to swap out the dungeon tiles to ensure the players don't know exactly how the dungeon will look if they've watched a previous recording.

The SyncRPG staff runs a weekly session open to everyone in the Fans of SyncRPG G+ Community, and they have made the ready-to-use campaign file available for anyone interested in running the dungeon themselves. It can be run as-is with no modification, using the macro framework you've probably become familiar with as a player. And when you're comfortable using SyncRPG, you can customize the dungeon, swap out hobgoblin guards with creations from other users, or even upload your own NPCs from HeroLab!

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