The Riverford Freelancers

The office of the Riverford Freelancers is a small stone building amounting to a single room with an overlooking balcony adorned with simple wooden furniture. The air reeks of halfling pipesmoke, and a small shrine to Foroqa, goddess of quests, explorers, and treasure seekers sits atop the mantle of the fireplace. The retired halfling adventurer Sibit has made this building his home, as well as a place of business.

It is in this room that he meets with people from all across Kithera looking for jobs to be done in the dangerous, barely settled regions of the Three Rivers Valley. A native of Riverford that made a name for himself three decades ago, driving a clan of orcs back across the Orange Mountains, he is a local hero, a living legend. He is well-respected by most people in Riverford, and takes jobs of all kinds. Some more unsavory than others.
Three Rivers Valley hex map by Robert Brookes

Three Rivers Valley hex map by Robert Brookes

The Riverford Freelancers is a bi-weekly event from SyncRPG, a series of quest-oriented one-shot Pathfinder “pickup games,” designed to be played to completion in a single three-hour session with no ongoing commitment. Characters may show up to subsequent sessions, but are not required to, and new players may be given priority over returning ones. It's our goal to get as many different people as possible playing in these games, and we're trying to make it as enjoyable and easy as possible to give SyncRPG a shot.

To facilitate this, we have created a small backstory and framework for a hexploration adventure set in the Three Rivers Valley, the setting of our second adventure module, The Rescue of Doniert Ironvale. The VTT campaign file provided below contains several useful maps and macros that greatly help GMs manage sandbox exploration and random encounters.

You can use these tools to run your own games of the Riverford Freelancers! Load the campaign, start a server, drop in some quests, and set your players loose in the Three Rivers Valley! Whenever a random encounter, hazard, or quest objective comes up, drag in a map for the event to take place in, cut/paste the PC tokens and snap them to the map with CTRL+E, CTRL+F, and drag whatever NPCs or macros you need straight in. They’ll all work with the provided macro framework! You can run many encounters quickly, with very little prep on your end!

The Riverford Freelancers is also a "social RPG experiment," in that the quests, NPCs, and monsters in Riverford and the Three Rivers Valley are enhanced by the creations of the users on SyncRPG. When you add an inkeeper or quest to Riverford and share it on the site, it can immediately be used by any other GM in their own games with a drag-drop.

If you do run your own game, we'd love to hear about it! Please record, stream, or post screenshots of your games to the SyncRPG forums, or our Google+ Community.

VTT Campaign Files

Character Creation Guidelines

Video Tutorials

A video demonstrating how to use and share quests on SyncRPG, complete with associated assets such as maps and NPC tokens.

The random encounter macro rolls up some axe beaks, and I decide to throw a flash flood at them as well using a dynamic map by Gabriel Pickard.

While exploring the forests for a party member's fallen brother, a fachen surprises the party!