The following tutorials will help new users get acquainted with the SyncRPG website and the Virtual Tabletop application. If there is anything you are specifically interested in seeing a video for, let us know!

GM Academy

These videos are designed to help get eager Game Masters up and running using the SyncRPG tools to run their own games, or one of our published adventure modules. These videos will get you started, but there's a larger collection on our YouTube page.

Maps and NPCs

Importing NPC Statblocks Using the Text Importer

Importing NPCs Using Direct Herolab Uploads

Player Academy

These videos are centered around the player experience, and will focus primarily on creating, syncing, and using PC tokens, character profiles, and related activities. For more Player Academy videos, check out this playlist on our YouTube page.

Adding PCs to SyncRPG using Google Drive

General Tutorials and Videos

SyncRPG Discussion and Demo with Vb Wyrde

RPTools MapTool Tutorial Page

The SyncRPG VTT is based on the open source MapTool project, by RPTools, and the vast majority of tutorials and user-created videos will work in our VTT.