The Rescue of Doniert Ironvale

An adventure for 4th level characters.

The frontier-folk of the Three Rivers Valley are hardy, free people, but when orc activity grows dangerously frequent, Ereena Ironvale, adopted daughter of a prominent family, travels to town to find local heroes to protect their homestead. At the request of this beautiful and mysterious half-orc, the PCs undertake a rescue mission to save her adoptive father and explore the uncharted tracts of the Valley. After driving back the orcish tribes, a series of strangely connected ruins draw their attention to a mystical enemy from the past that threatens not only the Valley, but the entire Republic of Ironhull! You are adventurers, veterans of many battles, and the call of the wild is strong despite the night's dark terrors. Will you answer the call?

The Rescue of Doniert Ironvale is a wilderness adventure module for 4th level PFRPG characters that is designed for both new and experienced GMs and players to take advantage of the digital tools provided by SyncRPG. The module can be played as a sequel to Tempest Module #1, Captured by Adventure, or stand alone as the beginning of its own adventure campaign, and it serves as the perfect way to start a new campaign in the setting designed specifically for online play and SyncRPG's tools. Players can expect to reach 7th level if they can master the frontier and save Ironhull before it's too late!

Written by Robert Brookes.

Cover art by Lance Red.

Module #2 in the Mirror Realms of the Tempest Campaign Setting.

Tempest Modules are standard length, full-color, digital adventures using the Open Game License to work with both the PFRPG and the standard 3.5 fantasy RPG rules set. This Tempest Module is optimized for use with the SyncRPG VTT and is fully detailed and ready for use in online play. Purchase of this module adds the associated premium content to your SyncRPG search results and the ability to contribute additional content to the official module in community sandbox areas.

Module Map